Biometric attendance systems are defined as individual or combination of face, finger, veins, palm and iris recognition system. It verifies the identity of employee’s face, finger prints, veins, palm and iris and records the timings of that employee.

Bankebihari Infotech offers Biometric Attendance Machine which is ideal for offices, schools, colleges and all environments can be customized to your specific requirements like single or multi location as well as HR and Payroll Software’s both Desktop and Cloud based Applications.

Our range of solutions includes consultancy, project planning, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of Biometric Attendance systems in Uttar-Pradesh, Delhi – NCR.

Type of Biometric Attendance Machines

Finger Biometric Attendance System

Biometric Finger print attendance systems are replaced by traditional card punching and manual registers. As each person’s finger prints are unique, Biometric Finger print Systems are became popular. It made management work easy as these systems are fraud proof. 

FACE Biometric Attendance System

Facial Biometric works facial algorithm. It captures each persons unique facial structure with inbuilt algorithm and stores it in the device. It proved very successful in many industries where finger print Biometric is unsuccessful. Face Biometric is one of the most security system.

IRIS Biometric Attendance System

Iris Biometrics captures unique patterns of one or both iris and retina, stores it high resolution mathematical pattern technology. Iris Biometrics are widely used in more restricted areas where security is on high priority. Airports, Hospitals, Aviation, Govt Research Centers and for Aadhar.

Palm Biometric Attendance System

Palm Biometrics are scans palm-vein for verifying employees. As it is very easy to use it has huge demand Govt National Security departments prefers this. Most sophisticated Biomteric which can not be changed or malfunctioned. It works accurate even for wet hands and aged persons.


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