CCTV video Surveillance is an integral part of a security system widely used in both residential and commercial applications. A CCTV system primarily consists of cameras which capture the video images and a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) through which the captured video can be viewed, recorded, played back and accessed from a remote location.

Bankebihari Infotech offers both IP based and analog CCTV surveillance Cameras solutions ideal for any application, and can be customized to your specific requirements.

Bankebihari Infotech can plan and execute a video surveillance system customized to any environment whether it is an existing building or is under construction. We specialize in designing a system to specifically suit your requirements, thus providing you with the best solution within the available budget.

Our range of solutions includes consultancy, project planning, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of CCTV videos surveillance systems in Uttar-Pradesh, Delhi – NCR.


Network Cameras also called as IP Cameras. IP Cameras comes with inbuilt storage option which ideal dual storage. As these cameras are working on Internet Protocol, cameras can be accessed on LAN network. High Frame rate and image optimization will give us the best performance. Up to 10 Mega Pixel Cameras are available.


Earlier Analog Cameras resolutions are called in number of TV lines. As the technology changing very fast now Analog Cameras producing high quality video images in Mega Pixels. Currently up to 5 MP Cameras are available. DVR’s available in 4 Channel, 8 Channel, 16 Channel and 32 Channel.