The fire alarm may be activated by automatic detection devices such as Smoke/Heat Detectors or by manual operation of manual call points. Also, these fire detection systems are easy to install and require less maintenance as compared to its counterparts. We offer best deal at nominal prices.

Today in market two types of Fire detection systems are available, as per your requirement, like as where you have need to instal its, suppose you have requirement for smaller systems or under with budget requirement, In this way a A Conventional type Fire Alarm System is often your best choice.

Second type also available, If you have need to install these fire alarm system for more complex system requirements as per with larger premises.such type alarm system work with Analogue Addressable Systems, its work with more Intelligent system also on well-proven with latest technology.

Our range of solutions includes consultancy, project planning, installation, commissioning, training and maintenance of CCTV videos surveillance systems in Uttar-Pradesh, Delhi – NCR.

Our Product High-tech Features:

  • Intelligent fire alarm
  • Pre-alarm warnings
  • Conventional Detector
  • Addressable detectors
  • Integrated fire detection and extinguishing system
  • Automatic micro processor based fire alarm system


Every client has unique requirement. Working together we’ll discover the right solution which fits in your budget to reach desire goal.